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Young Professionals

ABC Mississippi is pleased to introduce a new plan in 2018 for Young Professionals. The ABC Mississippi Board and Executive Committee believe that the development of our next generation of construction industry professionals is of the utmost importance to our industry's continued success. Our industry and association are both very healthy, but we cannot take it for granted. We must pass the torch. 

ABC Mississippi hopes this new plan will ignite support from the membership and cause our Young Professionals to increase their commitment to ABC Mississippi, to the construction industry, and to their own professional development. We hope that our more seasoned generation who can testify to the importance of ABC Mississippi will support one or more of the Young Professionals within their own companies and encourage them to get involved.   
To that end, we are launching a registration process will allow us to gather information that is vital to continuing the Young Professionals organization. This will allow the Young Professionals to regroup and take a renewed ownership, and will provide for a small financial contribution of $50 that will allow the organization to continue to plan great events. You will see that there is a "Sponsor" section of the registration form. It is not necessary to have a sponsor, but this is a good way for you to show your support for a Young Professional in your company. Registration is open immediately.

In addition, we are hosting a 2018 Kickoff Meeting for Young Professionals only on January 30, 2018, at 5:00 p.m. at the ABC Mississippi office in Pearl. Beer, wine and food will be provided. At this meeting, the Young Professionals will hear from some of our Board members on the importance of ABC Mississippi and what the association has meant to their companies. The Young Professionals will also have the opportunity at this meeting to elect their next Chairperson, and they will have the opportunity to sign up to be on the Young Professionals Committee, which will work with the Chairperson to plan events and govern the other initiatives taken by the larger Young Professionals organization.
Please let us know if you have questions. We hope that this plan will be met with approval from each of you and that you will "Go All In" with ABC Mississippi.

Cody Bailey
Current Chairperson
ABC Mississippi Young Professionals
                                 Lee Nations
President & CEO
ABC Mississippi 



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To protect and enhance the free enterprise system and the Merit Shop philosophy in the Mississippi construction industry and to be its principal representative.


The philosophy that encourages open competition and a free enterprise approach that awards contracts based solely on merit, regardless of labor affiliation.


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