Chairman's Message




Dear Fellow ABC Mississippi Members,

StvnStaub-103I am truly honored to serve as your 2019 Chairman for the Mississippi Chapter of Associated Builders and Contractors. We have had superb leadership over the years at ABC Mississippi and I hope I can continue this trend. If you look at the names on the wall at the ABC Mississippi office of our Past Chairmen, it looks like a Who’s Who of the Mississippi construction industry.

The Mississippi Chapter of ABC is one of the most respected chapters in the country. Currently we have over 575 member companies and look to expand this year. Our team is continuously working to recruit quality members who will enhance our chapter and retain the members we already have. We have had several previous friends rejoin and are also reaching out to other past members who may have stepped away over the past few years.

Several years ago, the ABC state chapters were advised by the National ABC Board to align our strategic goals with the national strategic goals, and for the most part, we have honored their request. We have five major goals and I would like to reiterate two of the more important ones.

The first is to “Establish ABC members as the world-class standard for health, safety and environment in the construction industry”. One way to accomplish this goal is to increase our chapter’s participation in the ABC National STEP Safety Program. STEP is an acronym for Safety Training Evaluation Process. It is a way to measure ABC member’s safety performance against the best of the best. We want to increase our participation in the STEP program 30% or better this year.

Another strategic goal for 2019 is to “Increase the political influence of ABC to advance the merit shop philosophy and free enterprise system”. This year we have an opportunity to become an even larger player in state politics with the revival of our ABC Mississippi Political Action Committee (PAC). Our PAC participants will interview all candidates running for state office and decide who best aligns with our goals and ABC’s needs for the future. Also, with the political unrest we have throughout the nation and after the recent election results, it is more important than ever that we don’t neglect our National PAC. We must make every effort to support our fellow chapters that live in a different political climate than we do. Our goal is to increase our ABC Mississippi PAC to $150,000 and our National PAC to $10,000.

One of the bright spots in 2018 was the growth within the Young Professionals Group and I am certain this growth will continue in 2019. We currently have over 100 members and look to increase this number significantly. Please help support the Young Professionals within your company for these are the future leaders of your company as well as ABC Mississippi.

While 2018 was a solid year for ABC Mississippi, with your continued support we look forward to an even better year in 2019.

Steven Staub
2019 Chairman