Politics & Policy Overview

ABC National was established in 1950 by a group of seven contractors whose belief in America's Free Enterprise System was in stark contrast to the prevalent compulsory unionism and government bureaucracy. The founders of ABC and its members today, believe that a contractor and their craft professionals should be rewarded and paid based upon the respective effectiveness and value that they bring to a project; that one should succeed or fail based upon one's merit. Members of ABC believe that free and fair competition is essential, and it requires a free market that operates without unfair constraints placed by special interest groups or governments.

From its humble beginning just 60 years ago, ABC has grown to over 23,000 member companies nationwide representing literally millions of industry employees. Today with 68 Chapters and its national headquarters next door to Washington DC in Arlington, Virginia, ABC is the fastest growing construction association in the USA. At the forefront of ABC is representation of the industry before local, state, and federal policy makers and providing the industry with the training tools and resources to develop the next generation of construction craft professionals.

In Mississippi, ABC represents over 600 member firms and some 80,000 plus employees through the ABC Mississippi Chapter. Merit shop contractors are committed to giving Mississippi its money's worth in construction. From power plants to paper mills; shopping centers to industrial parks; if it's being built, there's a strong chance that merit shop contractors are building it.

In the real world of construction, ABC's maxim "Get into Politics or Get out of Business" is true. The fact is, few businesses or individuals have the time or resources to monitor legislation that directly affects their industry in addition to the influence to get the attention of their lawmakers. Nationally, ABC has the time, the resources, and the means to do just that. At the state level, ABC is the construction industry's front line soldier.

ABC has a long history of success with the Mississippi legislature. Whether actively lobbying the legislature or just keeping abreast of legislation and regulations that affect their business, ABC members are given the tools to take action on legislation and the voice to lobby for change.

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