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In partnership with ClickSafety, ABC Mississippi delivers access to specialized online learning management, compliance and documentation solutions to help your organization execute your training objectives and build world-class safety cultures. There are many advantages to working directly with ABC Mississippi to utilize there ClickSafety program. Our team delivers the following additional benefits and services at no cost for our members.

  • Comprehensive ClickSafety Account Establishment
  • Customized Instruction, Training, Website & Course Navigation
  • ABC Mississippi Member Billing vs. Credit Card Only Option
  • Customized Company Process Documentation

Since 1999, ClickSafety’s training solutions have been deployed to over 10,000 organizations worldwide, including leading construction, general industry and engineering firms. ClickSafety safety training solutions are flexible, customizable and interactive, presenting a "student-centered" approach that is designed to enhance learning and retention. 

Engage ABC Mississippi today for comprehensive program establishment, training, billing and execution. For more information on the courses available download the ClickSafety course catalog and descriptions using the buttons below.

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GET STARTED TODAY   Contact our Safety Director, Sherry Dunlap at [email protected] or 601.944.0421 to get started with a ClickSafety education program in your company.