Powered Industrial Truck

Powered Industrial Truck "Train The Trainer"

SUMMARY   Powered Industrial Truck (forklift) training is very important to operators,  contractors, and companies. OSHA requires training and certification of any individual operating a forklift. Many times this training is hard to find or conflicts with production schedules, as well as being quite expensive. Operator training is valid for 3 years and then OSHA requires operator re-training, resulting in more expense. ABC Mississippi offers forklift instructor training to provide you with an in-house forklift instructor to train your employees at your convenience, which results in saving you time and expenses.

OSHA COMPLIANCE   Satisfactory achievement of the course objectives provides students with information and the training materials to properly train operators to be in compliance with OSHA’s 29 CFR 1910.178 training and certification requirements for Powered Industrial Truck operators. Following the receipt of instructor designation, each student is equipped to train forklift operators for their respective companies. Training certification for operators is 3 years, after witch re-training is required.


  • Instructor Teaching 
  • Technique Recommendations
  • Proper Instructor 
  • Manual Utilization
  • Instructor Forklift Safety  
  • PowerPoint Review
  • Training DVD Reviews for Class 4 & 7 Forklifts 
  • Instructional Techniques for Proper Inspections
  • Suggestions for Operator    
  • Obstacle Course Setup
  • Proper Documentation   
  • Procedures

COURSE DETAILS   The course includes an instructor training manual, a PowerPoint CD, a Class 4 straight-mast training DVD, a Class 7 rough terrain telehandler training DVD, relevant forklift manufacturer hand-outs regarding personnel lifting and inspection forms. Upon successful completion of the forklift test and the hands-on performance, each student receives an instructor certificate of achievement. Lunch and refreshments are provided.