Rigger & Signal Person

Rigger & Signal Person

SUMMARY   The “Rigger/Signal Person” training course is a partnership between ABC Mississippi and RHTC, Inc. ABC Mississippi deals with the specific OSHA requirements while RHTC, Inc. provides over 30 years of crane operating experience. RHTC’s instructors jointly provide extensive qualifications that include: NCCCO-certified Crane and Mobile Crane Operators, certified Crane Operator Trainers, Qualified Crane Inspectors, Crane Accident Consultants, NCCCO Accredited Practical Examiner for Cranes, Signal Persons, and Riggers. The instructor-led training utilizes student manual review, hands-on application, written and practical testing to be in compliance with OSHA’s requirements.   

OSHA COMPLIANCE   Employers must use “qualified riggers” during hoisting activities for assembly or disassembly work (1926.1404(r)(1)). Additionally, “qualified riggers” required whenever workers are within the fall zone and hooking, unhooking, or guiding a load, or doing the initial connection of a load to a component or structure (1926.1425(c)). Employers must determine whether a person is qualified to perform specific rigging task. Does the rigger have extensive knowledge, training, and experience? Can the rigger successfully demonstrate the ability to solve problems related to rigging loads?

A “signal person” must be provided in each of the following situations (1926.1419(a):



  • The point of operation if it is not in full view of the operator.
  • When the equipment is traveling and the view in the direction of the travel is obstructed.
  • Due to site specific safety concerns, either the operator or the person handling the load determines it is necessary.

Employers must use one of the following options to ensure that a signal person is qualified:





  • Documentation from a third party qualified evaluator showing that he or she meet the qualification requirements.
  • The ‘employers” qualified evaluator assesses and determines the person meets the qualification requirements and provides documentation. This documentation cannot be used by other employers.





  • Applicable OSHA & ASME Standards
  • Sling & Hardware Identification
  • Sling & Hardware Inspection Criteria
  • Sling & Hardware Safety
  • Three Basic Hitches
  • Effect of Sling Angles
  • Chain Fall & Come-A-Long Safety
  • Mobile Crane Hand Signals
  • Mobile Crane Voice Signals

COURSE DETAILS   The course includes a training manual; a written test, and a practical test. This is a pass/fail course with a two year expiration. Upon successful completion each student receives a certificate of achievement and wallet card. Morning refreshments and lunch are provided.