Trenching & Excavation

Trenching, Excavation & Soil Mechanics

SUMMARY   Trenching, excavation, & soil mechanics training is critical to contractors involved in trenching and excavation work. Industry statistics reveal that fatalities are two and a half times more likely to occur in trenching accidents than any other hazard in construction. OSHA requires that a "Competent Person" be on your construction or maintenance site whenever workers are exposed in an excavation. In trenching or excavation operations, the Competent Person (CP) must have specific training and be knowledgeable of the requirements of the standard, soils analysis, and use of protective systems. In addition, the CP must have authority to take immediate corrective measures to eliminate unsafe conditions. ABC Mississippi’s Competent Person Awareness Training Program is designed to help you meet OSHA's requirements.

OSHA COMPLIANCE   OSHA takes the Competent Person requirements quite seriously. Each competent person issue
is identified and discussed. Hands-on soil analysis is demonstrated with excavation samples and instrumentation. Each student is provided with instruction, manual and field manual, instrumentation, and a thorough review of the (CP) requirements. This aids the employer in his/her decision to make a competent person designation, as required by OSHA.


  • Subpart Excavations 1926.650-652
  • Competent Person Requirements
  • Specific Excavation Requirements
  • Protective System Requirements
  • Soil Classification (Instrumentation Included)
  • Sloping & Benching (Instrumentation Included)
  • Timber Shoring & Alternatives
  • Aluminum Hydraulic Shoring
  • Inspection Forms & Review

COURSE DETAILS    The course includes a training manual; a pocket sized field manual, a pocket penetrometer, a slope angle indicator, inspection forms, and instructional illustrations for protective system installation. Upon successful completion each student receives a certificate of achievement and wallet card. Morning refreshments and lunch are provided.